Anxiety… Habit, Addiction, or Identity?

So many people get “trapped” by anxiety not realizing that they created it and they have the power to cure it - unless it’s a matter of chemistry, like 6 cups of coffee or too much weed, or a neurochemical imbalance. 

Habits and addictions (physically/psychologically anchored habits) are tough to break, more the latter than the former - haven’t you always enjoyed getting to say that, “former, latter” like a puzzle to pull apart? At some point a decision was made that a situation was Who We Are - Identity. Why was that decision made? To become “People Like Us”? To lie to ourselves that we have no control over ourselves. To avoid that we’re having a conflict in Who We Are - What We Value and how we behave - this can throw us into an anxiety attack. Addiction to the adrenaline? Are addictive people more likely to suffer from “anxiety”? 

Can we make a decision to look up, look around, identify smells, sounds, tiny bits of gratitude to Focus On BEFORE embracing the anxiety? Or can we surf it, knowing it will soon pass, we have survived many sessions before, and with that eventually deflate the demon of anxiety? Let me know what you learn.